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A year round plan for athletes who want to stay in shape for baseball.


Off-Season Training – October, November, December

It's time to hit the weight room! If you don’t have a weightlifting program, get one. Find a coach or instructor, learn proper lifting technique, and start your routine. We recommend 3 times weekly along with twice weekly cardio training. If you’re serious about your game, keep up on your skill work. This time of year is great for indoor drill work. Get your swings in tee work, master your glove and footwork, play catch as much as possible. Northwest Diamond Sports would like to see you 2 to 4 times monthly during the off-season. Keeping routine during the off season will allow you and your instructor to stay up to date with your progress and allows the opportunity to expand on instruction, drill work, and off-season goal setting.

NWDS Off-Season Training Options:

Introductory Weight Training Classes, SQ&A, Private Instruction, and Small Group Training, D.S.F.L. (Hitting League), Holiday Camp (All Skills).

Pre-Season Training – January and February

You’re about 6 weeks from try-outs and evaluations… Its time to start fine tuning your game. By now you should have built a solid foundation of physical fitness through strength, cardio, and SQ&A training. Gear your skill training to incorporate more “live” and situational type work. Expand your mental approach by applying your strengths and continue to improve on your weaknesses. Being a self-aware player is key for putting together your game plan and setting goals for improvement through out the year. Ideally, your instructors will work with you 4 to 8 times monthly until your season starts.

NWDS Pre-Season Training Options:

On the Mound Pitching Clinic (Jan), All You Can Hit B.P. (Jan - July), Video Analysis Evaluation,
Elite Hitting and Pitching Work Shops (Invite Only), NWDS Pre-Season Training Packages,
Mental Approach and Baseball Philosophy Courses

In-Season Training – March, April, May, June, July, and August

Get on the field and compete! Opening Day is an opportunity to showcase how well you’ve prepared yourself for this season. Guys who win day in and day out are guys who’ve put in the work and know deep down they deserve every win they get. NWDS would like to see you twice monthly for area work and fine tuning your approach. Good luck in your Spring and Summer seasons. Remember that baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires a lot of time, work, and attention to detail to perfect your game. Learn your craft and go hard every day! Respect yourself, your teammates, your coaches, and most of all… Respect the game.

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