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Baseball is a unique game in that it is an “individual sport with a team concept”.

At Northwest Diamond Sports our philosophy is to develop each individual player to play at their maximum potential by teaching the highest levels of play in fundamental baseball. Our instructors work to prepare players for the next level by developing mechanics, mental approach, physical fitness, and overall knowledge of the game.



Our goal is to teach each player to maximize their level of play in fundamental baseball. Our philosophy in building each player’s potential is patience, attention to detail, and quality repetition. Every player progresses at a different rate and every player no matter what their talent level will take an amount of time to make the adjustments necessary for success. In our coaching and instruction we want to apply as much useful information as possible while maintaining the patience necessary to progress without overwhelming and creating set backs.



We believe that baseball is a unique sport in that there are no prerequisites for success. Success and confidence as a baseball player is determined by your preparation and baseball showcases successful players in all sizes and ability levels. Want to see a small guy that produces big results? Check out Dustin Pedroia, middle infielder for the Boston Red Sox. We believe that baseball is an “individual sport with a team concept”. Therefore we take time to focus on each individual player’s development so he can produce in five general skill areas. We want him to develop his ability to run, field, throw, hit for average, and hit for power. We believe there are two things that every player can control… His effort and the way he approaches the game. Obviously there is a lot that goes into the game of baseball, and becoming a successful ballplayer is no easy task, but we believe that every player has a chance to be successful if he works hard at what he does and approaches the game with a good attitude and a want to learn. The premise behind the game of baseball is simple… You throw the ball. You hit the ball. And you catch the ball. These principles are simple but with the seemingly endless amount of variables that the game presents to us it can be one of the toughest games for an athlete to play. Our goal is to simplify and make the game as routine as possible. As coaches we believe that “your players will take on your personality”. With this we know and understand that our players need to see the same effort and expectations also know and understand that we need to put forth a great effort in our preparation to train players.


Good luck in the future and we will see you at the Diamond!

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