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Prospective Player's and Families

Northwest Diamond Sports Academy would like to invite you to tryout for our 15/16U/18U & 18U College Prep Team for the Summer of 2024. Our mission is to provide an opportunity to showcase your skills in a highly competitive environment while continuing to develop your talent every step of the way. 

The Northwest Diamond Family is highly respected in the area and will take an active role in your recruiting by communicating with college and professional scouts based on your aspirations. We will carry a roster of 13 to 17 kids with some of those players being pitchers only. 


Jose Cepeda- Owner

Aaron Svarthumle- 16-18U Academy Director & Current assistant coach at Pacific University

If you can't attend our tryout contact our director Aaron Svathumle 503-734-7999 to set up a private tryout.


Here is the tryout information:

When: Date: 8/27/2023 (Sunday)

Where: Pacific University @ Chuck Bafaro Stadium

2725 Main St. Forest Grove, OR ( parking can be confusing if you haven't been, usally park at Lincoln Park- It's basically in centerfield)

Who: Only guys who have NOT played in our HS program need to try out. And, all 2027's NEED TO BE THERE. A parent meeting will be held from 1:15-2pm (after 2027's, before 2024/2025/2026's) to overview the program. 

2027s: 10am-1pm (parent meeting after tryout)

2024/2025/2026s: 2pm-5pm (parent meeting before tryout)

Please continue to email with questions.



For more information please text …

Aaron Svarthumle, 18/17u & 16/15u, 503-734-7999




Playing for NWDS in the past doesn't guarantee that you will make the team. Coach Aaron will be making all final decisions.  
We recognize that some of you might be participating with your high school team during the summer and we want to be sensitive to that but, also provide an option for you to play against solid competition and participate in tournaments that will bring exposure to scouts. 


Summer Season: After revised OSAA season (June 4– August 1, 2021…. Approx. 35-40 games)

Our teams will compete in College Showcase Events, Regional Invitation Only Tournaments, as well as out-of-state National Tournaments.  Events that our NW Diamond regularly attend include Perfect Game Invitation Only Tournaments, Prospect Wire, GSL, and WCP just to name a few. Price will be around $2500-$3000 depending if we go to Arizona. Payment plans will be available. 



About the NWDS Academy Baseball Program


The NWDS Academy Baseball Program started in 2006 with a primary goal of combining all our services into one comprehensive program, formatting the program similar to collegiate/professional baseball.  We teach players through various modes of training and use a systematic and academic-style approach to teaching. 

Along with high school prep, our secondary goal is to help guide players to collegiate careers and perhaps even professional baseball. The program's first graduating class has since moved on to high school baseball with players achieving accolades with leagues-honors, state-honors, national recognition,  6 Division 1 players, and a couple looking at professional careers right out of high school.  Our staff is very proud of all of its players and their achievements but most importantly their development of strong character and becoming great young men. 



Why We're Different

The NWDS Academy Baseball Program separates itself from other programs with a few key components and we believe that it starts with us as a staff.  At the top, Jose Cepeda, former major leaguer and scout, with a wealth of experience from playing and coaching at the professional level.  We also have 4 full-time staff members, a rarity in this business, especially in the state of Oregon.  For our full-time staff, this is our primary source of income, which means we work together to tackle projects and continue the development of our programs. We completely understand that the program is expensive. You are paying for a full-time professional coaching staff that is available to your son every day for 6 months out of the year. 

The academy program also includes a college equivalent schedule with professional practice plans and classroom education. There is also an extensive amount of traveling out of state that might require at least 1 plane trip.  We do not allow dads to coach in our full-time program for quality and political reasons that create problems in many leagues and organizations.  We separate ourselves from our competition by carrying 10 - 11 roster spots, while batting the entire line-up at all times will ensure maximum development for your son. 


Every depth chart in every high school program is different making it difficult to be a starter as a one-dimensional player. NWDS requires every player to learn multiple positions to give them more opportunity to play at the high school level. We concentrate on the mental-emotional growth as much as the physical growth of our players. Players are challenged more in the game mentally vs physically due to the constant failure. We never overlook this aspect of the game.




Being a part of the NWDS Academy Program isn't about a title, it's about an experience - one that should last a lifetime.  We understand the value of athletics and the shaping of our youth and how that will apply to a young man's life beyond baseball.  This is the very reason we take an in-depth approach to teaching.  We believe that our passion, excitement, and looking at the game in-depth, will encourage players to do the same with every aspect of their lives, starting with baseball. 

Tryout and Selection Process

Players are expected to try out each year to earn their position on the next season's roster.  Every player will need to register their information using the link above.  All players need to bring all the necessary gear and equipment to the tryout. 

Some players will be offered a roster position immediately following the workout.  Others will be placed on a depth chart and contacted within two weeks after the last tryout date.

Players that are not selected for a position on a team roster: are encouraged to call to set up a meeting to discuss player strengths, weaknesses, and how they can create a plan for development. 





Your Coaching Staff


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